Types of Marine Insurance Policies Available

Marine Insurance Underwriters

When it comes to marine insurance coverage, not all boat policies are created equal. From personal watercraft to megayachts, the marine insurance experts at Marine Underwriters Agency are here to help you find the best coverage at the best price. We realize that you may own multiple crafts, and we specialize in being adept at all kinds of marine insurance.

We represent several of the leading marine insurance companies in the industry. MUA will quote a policy that best suits your needs and budget, so you can enjoy your time on the water with the peace of mind that you are covered!

Yacht Insurance

If you have a yacht in need of coverage we can help.

Megayacht Insurance

Have a megayacht in need of insurance? We know how to help with the particulars of large craft.

Powerboat Insurance

Powerboats have their own special insurance needs, and we know the particulars.

Sailboat Insurance

Sailboats have many different needs than other types of boats for insurance. Learn the particulars.

Liveaboard Boat Insurance

Living aboard a boat creates some additional needs for marine insurance. We have experience and can help.

Houseboat Insurance

Houseboats, whether on fresh water or salt water, need to be assessed differently than say powerboats. Learn more.

Jetski Insurance

We handle jetskis and personal watercraft as well as large boats. Learn more about Jetski coverage.

Charter Boat Insurance

Running a charter boat business is hard. Don’t let charter insurance be part of the headache.

High Performance Insurance

Your high performance boat goes fast, and we can help you get coverage.

Liability-Only Insurance

If you just need liability coverage for your boat, we can help with that too if it’s the right option.